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9 Useful Tools for SEO Content Strategies to Grow Your Business

“And that's how one day I saw my site on the first page of Google,” said the blogger. Well, isn't that what every blogger wants to finally say out loud after hours and days of effort to improve the site's rankings? So before you close this blog post, think about it. Do you want to know the secret of how to get to the top of the rankings, or do you have a long way to go to achieve your goal, which is not a smart and efficient way to get the job done?

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Well, it's not hard to guess the answer, so here's a blog post so you can rate your blog properly. As we know, content is the essence of any brand and business. Whether it's posting, participating, or just blogging, the quality of your content matters and makes your brand what it is in the eyes of your customers. Creating strong content in and of itself is not a complete task. To rank #1, you'll need to heavily optimize your content to outperform others in the crowd and take that special link box at the top.

This calls for creating SEO content strategies as they help you guide and organize your content. The internet is full of surprises and there are several tools available to make most of the manual work easier. Some tools will help you answer how to create SEO friendly content . Let's take a look at some of these tools to understand how to create SEO friendly content.

9 Useful Tools for SEO Content Strategies

1. Speed ​​test

One of the first things to consider when working on your website is checking its speed. You need to know how fast your site appears in the search engine. One of the best analysis tools is the Pingdom website test.

This tool analyzes various aspects of your website and tells you what makes your web page fast or slow. Nobody likes a slow website so you should work accordingly to change if your website runs into this problem. It is an easy to use tool for both experts and beginners. Explore this tool to optimize your site's performance.

2. Check for plagiarism

One of the most painful problems with content is plagiarism. Not only is this unethical, but it is also a hindrance or setback when it comes to boosting your site's rankings.

You can always take inspiration from bigger brands and other top websites, but never copy them. There is a huge difference between them. Also, in most cases, it's important to check the nature of your content, even if you've created it from scratch.

And for that, there are several plagiarism checkers on the internet to help you spot the similarities between your website and others, if any. Some of the best tools are Plagiarisma, PlagScan, Copyleaks, Viper, Grammarly, Small SEO tools and Edubirdie.

3. Reverse analysis

If you're new and wondering how to create SEO friendly content, this method may not immediately blow your mind. Well, no rocket science. This is nothing more than an analysis of what and how your competitors approach the target audience. This is extremely important as it shows their strengths and weaknesses.

While you can learn from the former, the latter can be used to your advantage. Ubersuggest is one of the best tools for this job. It shows an overview of a website's domain, top SEO pages related to it, keyword suggestions, content ideas, and backlink data. You can put your competitor's domain in it to get better keyword suggestions.

4. The right keywords

For any content, keywords are the essence. If you do not enter the correct keywords, there is as much chance as possible that your website may stop working. Therefore, before you even start writing content, you need to determine which keywords will help you rank for it.

Some of the best tools for this are Soovle, Keyword Planner, Jaaxy, Google Search Console, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, SEOCockpit and many more. By identifying the right keywords, you will be able to quickly rank in first place compared to your competitors.

5. Headline Optimization

Content writing is great. This is what every blogger is made for. But when you're in business, it's important to write content that will resonate with your target audience, especially when you start learning how to create SEO friendly content . To do this, you need to know what they are looking for and what they want to know more about your niche.

Luckily, there is a tool that will help you identify the most talked about topic in any niche. It also helps to get inspiration and ideas for new content. Ahrefs Content Explorer is one of the best tools you can use to strategize your SEO content .

BuzzSumo is another tool to help you with this. You can explore both to see which one is more comfortable for you.

6. Traffic improvement

Who wouldn't want to increase traffic to their website? Well, every brand craves it. It has everything you need to grow your online business. Quicksprout is one such tool that can capture the nuances of your website and help you build it, optimize it, and improve your website traffic.

The digital marketing firm first expanded to help companies with their websites. This website provides you with a detailed structure and guides for the various needs of a website owner.

If you are a beginner, you should check them out completely. QuickSprout will tell you what's good and bad about your website and provide you with suggestions to increase traffic.

7. Create compelling content

In most cases, people make decisions based on their emotional instincts. To stay on top and make the right sales, you need to be more attractive to your target audience.

You have to give them a reason why they should choose you over other brands. There are more emotional buyers in the market than rational ones, and this allows you to create compelling content.

The Emotional Title Analyzer will tell you how compelling or engaging your content's title is. Analyze your customers, divide them into two parts - logical and emotional buyers, and then select content titles.

8. Identifying trends

Creating the right content to reach the right target audience is the key to ranking your site. The Internet is full of new things. There are always some new things coming out that go viral.

Recreating trending and viral posts has become a matter of modernity. Every brand wants to be identified by a trend tag or trend task. When so many things like this appear on the web, you can only follow a few of them. But don't worry, there is a tool to help you track it down.

TrendSpottr is a smart tool used by global brands and marketers, digital and PR agencies. This tool predicts current trends and coral content in the market, thus giving you new ideas for content creation.

Major brands use this tool for crisis management, content strategy, influencer marketing, media planning and market research.

9. Go Videos!

Yes, one of the most powerful content types is video content. According to Brightcove, content is more influential in buying Millenials products and services than text content.

According to their research, over 56% of millennials find video more engaging than any other form of content. Therefore, creating engaging videos is extremely important when it comes to optimizing content for your website.

Powtoon is one of the most user-friendly websites available on the internet that can be used to create amazing videos. Even if you don't know the basics of video creation, this tool will quickly help you create better videos. To be clear, don't underestimate the power of a video, even if it's a one minute video!

There are so many ways to optimize your content for SEO. The ones mentioned above are some of the most effective ways to optimize your SEO content. There is a lot of focus on optimization, as being number one at the end of the day is the dream of every single brand and blogger.


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