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Spring tour

Welcome all!

First off, Thank you for purchasing the Tourpass. It is something that I wanted to do to connect directly with the fans. With the Tourpass, we can giveaway tickets, blogs, pics etc. Things that wont be up anywhere else, only here. We also have the stamp system, so at every gig entry you'll get a stamp and we will try make it out to meet you all as much as we can and to sign it for you also. I will put up the stamp rewards very soon! Just keep stamping! ;)

So the tour is finished. Holy shit.....We have been blown away by the support.

Each city has just been as mad an energetic as the last and we cant thank you all enough for that.We keep throwing out energy and you keep throwing it back and thats what makes the gig.

And thats the drug!

We are still in Hamburg at the minute, we fly back to Ireland tomorrow to rest up, ice hands, change strings, binge on Netflix, then on to Felsenburg Open Air festival on Saturday!

Once again, Thank you for making it such a memorable tour for us.

We will see you all very soon and we'll do it all again!!


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