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I left the light on in the hall

so I could find my way back again.

And look beyond what I could

figure out in my stubborn head.

I keep a picture in my mind

of that time of my life I had

So I don’t loose the sense

of that to search for who I am



Don’t wanna be running

just want to be living

I got all that I need right

Here and now

Don’t want to be fighting 

just wanna be trying

to make most of my chances 

Here and Now



Stand back take a breath

theres a time for everything

Your the only one thats racing

to the top of the hill

I was here from the start

I had your back if you needed me

But I wont lower myself to the gutter your in




Ive walked in the darkness long enough

to see my way

looking over my shoulder

just to keep myself awake

But walking home in the evening through

the city streets in bloom

well, thats the day I knew 

my eyes fixed on you



Its pouring down on me like

I done something wrong

and this nervous sweat Im in 

is too cold to keep me warm

but while Im trying to keep myself 

from falling at your feet

I find it hard to breath

on this city street  



Im on my knees like I'm trying to pray

But no ones listening to what I've got to say

what If the devil in me, meets the angel in you



We could be changing the world

While were changing our minds

Only takes a minute 

I could have walked in the rain

But I ran for my life 

Only takes a minute

There could someone else

standing here

soaked to the skin

but I'm talking with you

cause a minute changes everything 


The clothes on my back is all I have

To my name

But Ill treat you like my queen 

my muse my burning flame

I left my sense behind

the second i saw your face

Now i’m a crazy fool 

I'm caught up on you.




She never understood the daytime

even with the lights on 

she fell asleep

Just to wake, in the dark,

when theres no one up, to hear her scream.

She never really felt excepted

always held her head high

amongst the crowd

but the tears that fell, when her eyes,

could see no one else around




Oh oh, happiness is but a dream

oh oh she says

oh oh, my life is not what it seems

oh oh, she says



Staring at the sky she wonders

what her life would look like

from way up the there

just a speck, of dirt, in a world,

thats lost and doesn't care.



‘As the rain falls down on me’






I want it

Can taste it now

I see it

in front of my face

and its making a fool of me


What would you do?



my demons 

are calling 

but Im ready 

to give it to them

this fire that burns in me

What would you do?



Follow your destiny



Cause we

we are the ones

we are not innocent to a smoking gun

this is a world…..

what you gonna do about it?


Break free from 

what enslaves you friend

I see it

its dragging you down

Like you swim with your clothes on






All this time, I thought of you

wondering how you’ve been

where you are

and with who?

I never looked at another 

since we said goodbye

i’m haunted day and night

by the ghost of you



Just because you are a superpower

doesn't mean to say that its all for you

maybe in another lifetime

i’ll be the one that will conquer you.


My memories have built me up again,

but its a long way down

when you cant see the ground

Im staring deep into nothing 

just to think of you

like searching deep in a box

of a lost and found



Im falling from

a senseless dream

I keep holding on to this hopeless scene

caught in a daze

feet stuck to the ground

the whisper of your ghost 

is the only sound





I got the price in my hand

of a ticket home

But I’ve worked from the morning till night

I could sleep on this street just to rest my bones

But I haven't got the time.

Never claimed that I knew 

any more than I do

Kept my head down and ears to the street

Im not a man that can talk my way to the top

Id rather use my feet.



If Im at the end of the line

I haven't found what I wanted to find




Im Alive 

Just a - a bit broken

Its taking everything thats in me

just to feel good

Im Alive 

Just a - a bit faded

The Silver lining of a cloud is here to

rescue me

whats it got for you? 


Take your good will gesture

Your broken words

Don't you patronise my shame

Ive got my head held eye

and the sense to say 

that I wont play you game




Light into the darkness

she's holding her hand out 

to catch a star

she looks cold under the moonlight

whats keeping her warm is my beating heart

oh I’m nervous trying to hold back 

my quivering voice from speaking wrong

but I cant seem to shake what Im feeling 

and she doesn’t know whats going on.



I got to slow it down

Take a breath or two

I won't know where to go 

If I don't have you

Id be running with my eyes closed

in the dark

I try to say your name

Without it taking aim

My time is running out

I cant let you go

cause we could light the night sky

with this spark



If you Stay….Stay……Stay with me

there could be nothing I’ve wanted more  

stay….stay……..stay with me

We could be the lightning in this storm



Its late, the sun is appearing, 

its making its way up towards her face

she's crying, talking of leaving 

wishing the pieces, would fall into place

I hold her, wanna tell her my story 

tell her Ive been thinking about her

night and day



If I have ever loved

If I have tasted Lust

They know nothing of 

What I feel for loss  

If I have ever seen

the days and nights go slow

I still know nothing of

A minute without this love





The suns gonna shine on you

Ive listen to the stories lies and truth

They’re your choices come what may

but ill be the wind on your back 

each day.



Im standing here an world apart

Heavy from my beating heart

waiting for my life to change with you

Im standing here a world apart

oh I'm shaking from my beating heart

waiting for my life to change with you



Learn when you get t wrong

im still trying to figure out where i belong

Life’s a picture that you have to paint

take your time, there’s no such thing

as too late



oh and Im wanting my life to change with you.






The sun goes down

in a place that feels unknown

And the darkest night

become alight for everyone

I take my time 

try to figure out whats wrong

take a breath

and all I think about is home



No one said it was easy on your own

we learn the hard way it seem

chasing dreams running miles from where your from

to lift your feat off the ground



Might take a trip

down a road you don't want to go

Try and fail

at a chance that has come and gone

When your on you knees 

and there’s nowhere else as low

Take a breath 

and try to think about home





I dont know where to turn

my hand is missing the touch of your skin

If I could step back in time

for a day with you

or just an hour or two



Looking at a face that suppose to be me

with my hand on the mirror where you used to be

watchin every move that I make

A life like mine needs a life like yours 

for a river cant run till the rain can pour

and im lost at every move that I make



I think I've left it too late

I felt the pain in the pit of myself

I took my heart in my hands

It watched me break in two

as I watched it beat for you





Lost before you knew where you were

found before you knew you were scared

Rush toward the mist of the dawn

and Ill hide behind this pain till your gone

Swept into the dark of the night

Just before this city could bite

now I'm marching to the beat of the drum

as I turn my life from 2 back to 1.





Cold, cold as a stone

breath like a cloud

in the morning sun

sole’s of my feet

battered and torn

Ive been walking all night, 

from dusk to dawn



But you’ve never been far from my mind

Ive been looking but I cant find



Someone like you

Ive turned this world upside down

To search for the truth

Is it me who dropped this flame on the ground

we were close but yet so far

but my heart has incased your scar.


Your face

on a girl I don't know

seems your everywhere 

I want to go

cant find my way out

Im stuck in this box

Ive been looking for doors

I keep finding locks






Theres a rumour going round

poisoning this town

as it whispers in your ear

in a place I haven't seen

saying things you haven't been

Don't believe what you’ve been told



It’s just hearsay.

Word of mouth wrong information 

Its Hearsay

Don't believe what they’ve been saying 

Talking is cheap but you pay in the end if your looking for someone to blame

Talking is cheap but you pay in the end if your looking for someone to shame



like a thorn stuck in your side 

You could run and you could hide 

But the truth will catch you out

The facts are hard to preach

When a rumour cuts you deep

its Only strong as its weakest link



Where am I gonna go

Searching for truth 

But no one knows 









We left all that we had behind a stone cold wall

thinking we d never be back 

I know its tough when were standing on a tight rope  

But you wont walk it alone cause I wont let you go

Theres a fire thats Raging through our empty house

burning memories of the time we had

and the life we have

But Its just ashes the fall to the ground



let everything just Burn Down

Let it burn and watch it Blaze  

Let everything just burn down

let it burn and we’ll start again


I wear my heart on my sleeve

so you can hear it beat

But it is torturing me

its like a ticking time bomb in a crowded street

searching for air in a box when it gets hard to breath

if theres a burning bridge in the way of our life 

lets go back the road we came

Just to walk it again find the flame

that has started this cause to ignite



Talking in turn for the chance to say

whats making this right turn the wrong way

nothing makes sense but whats in our hands

the time that it took for to understand

let everything just burn down

burn down again.





In the back room

through a cold steal door

sits a man with nothing left to gain or lose

he cant take anymore

Falling down on his knees

He has a name on his arm for luck

puts his hands across the words 

closes his eyes

and thinks of her

I wish you were here



Dont believe your eyes

Its what you feel inside

and that pain is only here

for you to realise that your still alive

Take your silver and gold

you’ve been bought and sold

This life is not a game

but its a battle of the week and the bold

Fight for life



Back alley

In the pouring rain

cries a girl thats torn apart

from shooting up

just to ease the pain

with a last cry to the heavens

she wears a ring on her coldest hand

as she reaches to the stars 

deep down she knows

but cant understand

Hes not coming back’



Oh oh, when there’s nothing left to say

its always dark when you open your eyes

cause your breath’s been taken away

Time waits for no one to feel

a choice for you to make

this one’s for you to take

Fight for life


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